"Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and His Best-Ever Student Show You Their Proven and Ethical Strategy for Online Success..."

Read on to discover the proven method for making your own profits online as used by world-renowned libertarian Tom Woods and multi-millionaire Michael Cheney...

From the Desks of Tom Woods & Michael Cheney
20th July 2024

Dear Friend,

Tom Woods first appeared on my radar in dramatic style when he started beating me in online sales contests.

This guy was incredible.

Here was this complete marketing newbie coming out of nowhere and grabbing all the prizes, the big commissions, the leaderboard top-spots and the limelight.


Little did I know (at first) that he was actually a student of mine and had been following my training to the letter.

He was soon blazing a trail for others online and generating profits in such high volumes as a newcomer that "old hands" online wondered where on earth he'd come from and how he was doing it!

Tom reached out to me after going through one of my programs and we became good friends.

He promoted my products and made six figures.

And he also opened my eyes to libertarian values.

But, in truth, I had already been exposed to the dangers of the State and its over-reach because...

"Before Becoming a Successful Online Entrepreneur I Was A Wage-Slave For 'The Man' And Discovered The Painful Truth About Taxation..."

It's true.

Taxation is TheftAfter leaving the university system in the UK I was thrust immediately into employment working for a multi-national oil company.

I hated it.

Not only was the bureacracy and office politics completely stifling - they forgot to tax my wages.

Great, you might think.

But oh no - I spent all of my first pay packet on a glorious sunburst Fender electric guitar. I loved that thing.

As a newbie to employment, I then continued to spend every paycheck I was given, in full.

It was only some six months later that the payroll department informed me they had forgot to set my tax code correctly and I owed several thousand in taxes.

The disillusionment had begun.

No paycheck was ever the same since.

"The Government Stole Half of All My Money And Took Millions of Dollars From Me In Taxes Over the Following 20 Years..."

Wage SlaveBut it wasn't just the taxes that were making me realize the truth of my situation;

When I spoke to older co-workers in the office I noticed something alarming;

The light in their eyes had gone out.

Here they were - 10, 15 or 20 years ahead of me on this corporate conveyor belt and they were nothing but empty carcasses.

No fun, no joy, no spark, no life.

They were slaves to "the man", turning up day after gray day just to eke out a modest living and keep the wolves from the door.

Screw that.

There was no way I was wasting my life away doing that;

I wanted to change the world!

I wanted to make a difference.

"I Finally Broke Free - Because Life's Too Short To Build Someone Else's Vision When You Can Create Your Own Independent Income..."

I wanted to do something exciting.

So I quit my job. I walked away in 2000 and have not looked back since.

My first big success online was a double-edged sword though - it showed me the exciting potential of what I was starting but also that the long and controlling arm of the government was never far away.

I made $250,000 in a week. 

Now I know this sounds like some science fiction kind of number and it did to me too. I was literally leaping for joy and dancing around my apartment at the time. But it was somewhat short-lived because...

The government stole half of it in taxes.

I knew from that point on I had to do whatever I could to generate my own sources of wealth and protect them from taxation (legally) to try and build a nest egg for mine and my family's future.

Over the years I've taught thousands of people how to create their own online income streams so they too can escape working for "the man".

And there's one question I get asked more than anything else and that is...

"What's The Most Effective Way For Someone Starting Out From Scratch To Succeed Online?"

You'll discover the answer inside the Net Profits Academy.


Tom Woods and I are not giving away all our secrets right here on a public letter - we're saving them for paying customers who are serious about starting their own internet business.

But suffice to say;

Anyone can do this - no matter what their experience level.

You can take this method and start applying it to get results the moment you've learned it inside the Academy.

The way we teach you is like you are watching over our shoulder as we show you, every step of the way, exactly what to do to achieve success online.

The beauty of this training is it is all proven, battle-tested and highly-effective.

This is not theory.

You are getting your hands on the exact same strategies we use day-to-day in our highly profitable businesses.

And yes...

"You Can Do This Right Now Without Any Experience But
You Need To Put Consistent Effort Into It..."

It's true...

While we may have over 30 years' internet business experience between us don't for a second think you need to.

We've done all the hard work so you don't have to spend years testing everything out.

When you get your hands on a proven blueprint, a battle-tested plan to follow, then you can learn it and implement it without all the headaches.

This means you can get up and running in a matter of weeks or months instead of years or decades.

And because we've found what we feel are some of the best free methods out there - you can do it all without having to spend a truckload of cashola or time.

It will take some consistent effort on your part, of course.

But nothing like the tens of thousands of hours we've invested learning, tweaking, testing and perfecting everything over many years.

By now, you might be thinking maybe this will only work if you're established online already?

Well, fear not...

"No Website? No Product? No Clue? No Problem..."


We're being straight up with you here;

You can absolutely be successful with this even if you don't have your own website, a product to sell or any clue whatsoever.

In fact, in some regards it will actually help you more by not having these things.

Because this way you can learn the undiluted methods we teach without any prior wrong-paths affecting your judgment.

We only want one thing for you - we want to arm you with all the information and tools you need to be able to create your own income online for as long as both you and the internet continue to exist.

The rest is up to you...

We're handing you the "keys to the kingdom" here but you need to run with them, take notes, take action and and apply what you learn to be successful.

So the question you might be asking about now is...

"What Makes an Internet Entrepreneur Successful?"

It's simple really;

Implementing a proven method which works.

The rest doesn't matter - forget the motivational posters, the cute little quotations and the "amazing" hair-brained schemes you might have seen out there.

There is only one thing that matters as far as your online success is concerned;

You need to find something that works then learn it and apply it.

Over and over and over again.

And that's what you're getting with The Net Profits Academy;

A proven blueprint which has stood the test of time, works every time it is applied and has already been used by us to great success online.

We're really proud of this training because it works.

And you won't find these secret strategies and insider tactics anywhere else because...

"Nobody Else Is Teaching You This Stuff..."

That's right.

When we say these are proprietary strategies we personally use day-to-day in our businesses that's exactly what we mean;

They are customized and proprietary to us.

Now sure;

There are core fundamentals - principles of internet business, if you will - which necessarily form the foundation of any online venture.

But all the details, the infrastructure built-up around that and the actual in-the-field strategies which help you get you traction and achieve success - you won't find these being taught anywhere else.

We've been crafting and perfecting these things for many, many years.

They work like gangbusters for us.

And now you get to profit from them without having to put all the years of hard work in like we did.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to fast-forward and shortcut your way to success on the internet...

Net Profits Academy

"Let Us Guide You By The Hand And Show You Everything We've Done to Succeed Online..."

You're getting everything you need here to go from complete novice to online earner.

You get to watch, over our shoulder, as we show you every single step, click and action you need to take to follow the proven blueprint directly to online success.

Imagine being able to finally bring in your own source of income without having to work for "the man".

You'll finally be able to forge your own path in life and not feel trapped by your job, your boss or the State.

In fact...

"Every Single Strategy Is Laid Bare for You Inside The 12 Video Training Modules..."

You're getting your hands on 12 breakthrough training videos which show you the shortest route to success. Tested. Tweaked. Proven.

You literally get to watch as we show you, on screen, every step we've taken to build our online businesses from zero to the success stories they are now.

You just watch, learn and apply the tactics yourself.

You can even download every one of the 12 video modules if you want to and study away from your computer or when you're offline.

We're providing you with everything you need to succeed here. You just bring yourself, your enthusiasm and consistent effort...

"Learn and Earn on the Move with MP3 Audio Versions of Every Module..."

Alongside the videos you get the MP3 Audio versions of every Module so you can reinforce your learning or discover key breakthroughs when you're on the move.

These are perfect for listening on your daily commute, dog commute etc. and will help you absorb the lessons and apply them effectively.

Everybody enjoys different styles and modes of learning and these audios will help you understand, implement and perfect all the techniques we share with you.

And as if that weren't enough you're also getting to;

"Learn at a Speed That Suits You with These Written Transcripts..."

To make this even easier you're getting the written transcript for each of the 12 modules.

This means you can read it at your leisure and really have the secrets sink in so you can apply them to maximum effect.

And you're also getting a PDF version of all 12 presentations so you can review them and study them whenever and wherever you want.

You really are completely covered here;

We've combined our decades of experience to ensure your success is not left to chance.

All you have to is learn, apply then earn.

"Here's Why We Are Revealing Our Closely-Guarded Business Strategies to You Inside This Training..."

In short - we want to change the world.

A bold goal, certainly, but one we can achieve with your help...

By showing you how to be successful online you will hopefully, one day, be able to break free from "the man" and be able to fully support yourself, provide for your family and forge your own path in life without anyone else's help.

You may even choose, like we do, to put some of your profits back into helping others and furthering libertarian causes and education.

What you do with any profits you make is up to you (of course!) - we just help you to success online by showing you what has worked for us.

"Everywhere People Are Raving About This
New Breakthrough Training
And So Will YOU When You Discover..."

  • The deadly pitfall 99% of new online entrepreneurs fall into and how to avoid it (Module 1.2)
  • The little-known method that accelerates you ahead of the game online (Module 3.1)
  • A simple free method to beat the competition and rise to the top of the profit pile (Module 3.3)
  • How to avoid the sneaky "money-hazard" which trips up most internet entrepreneurs before they reach profits (Module 1.3)
  • The undercover research strategy for hitting a home run every time you launch a project online (Module 2.1)
  • The secret exact location of two "research-havens" for finding the best niches (Module 2.2)
  • How to crack the traffic-getting code of "the big 4" online - do this and you can get all the free traffic you ever want (Module 4.3)
  • A big reveal of where the most lucrative markets are and how to tap into them (Module 1.3)
  • How to break into the inner-circle of elite online entrepreneurs without slaving away for 20 years (Module 2.3)

"You're Also Getting Your Hands On These
Highly Sought-After Insider Secrets..."

  • A free way to attract customers that only takes an hour to set up and then runs automatically (Module 3.3)
  • The #1-easiest way to get your online business up and running even if you're just starting out (Module 1.2)
  • The secret insight that shows you the possibilities to build your business without leaving home (Module 2.2)
  • Harness the endless free traffic potential of social media even if you're a technophobic Luddite with no clue (Module 4.3)
  • The tried-and-tested, simple 3-step formula for achieving success online (Module 1.1)
  • How to build a lifetime asset which rewards you again and again and again (Module 3.3)
  • A fast-track method the top earners are using to get ahead of the game (Module 2.3)
  • The 17 secret strategies you can use to become a master of selling (Module 3.1)
  • How to employ "robots" to do a lot of the traffic-getting for you with this simple, but highly-effective, twist (Module 4.3)
  • A real time-saving strategy that can get you customers without years of work (Module 2.3)
  • Discover the #1 success secret most online entrepreneurs are too scared to reveal (Module 3.3)

"Strap Yourself in Because You'll Also Learn..."

  • Why the most obvious way of succeeding online is actually a deadly trap (and what to do instead) (Module 1.2)
  • Insider tools you can use to automate and accelerate your path to success without working your fingers to the bone (Module 3.3)
  • Why you shouldn't start ANY business without knowing the 4 secrets of the "____ _____ Matrix" (Module 1.3)
  • How to become a Jedi in sales psychology without going to Harvard or Padawan School (Module 3.2)
  • The mysterious art of "profit-prediction" and how to use it to ensure everything you do has the best chance of success (Module 2.2)
  • How to harness the power of free stuff to make more sales (Module 3.3)
  • The single-best source of free traffic (it's not what you think) and how to tap into it (Module 4.1)
  • Newbie-friendly methods to attract more traffic and customers which don't break the bank (Module 3.3)
  • The 3-step process which helps you convert as much traffic as possible into customers (Module 4.2)
  • The little-known tactic for beating the Zuckerberg algorithm to unleash tons of free clicks from Facebook (Module 4.3)


As if this weren't enough, here are...

"3 Powerful Reasons That Make The Net Profits Academy Different To Anything You've Ever Seen Before..."

Reason #1. It works (always important!). Feel free to get your money back if you are the first person on the planet this doesn't work for

Reason #2. It's based on battle-tested, proven strategies learned through trial and error on the internet battlefield

Reason #3. It's ethical. You can find other trainings out there that might promise to line your pockets. But there is nothing out there like this which can help you build a successful business the right way by helping others

By now you can see there are lots of reasons you want to invest in this and get started.

And you should...

"Grab This Fast Because You're Also Getting LIVE Implementation Training From Tom Woods and Michael Cheney Thrown In!"


Grab this before the launch ends and you'll get exclusive access to attend a LIVE online training event with us.

You're going to love this LIVE Implementation Call because you'll discover;

The single-best way to get tons of targeted, free traffic to your offers

How to build a highly-successful online business which gets you traffic, gets you leads and encourages those leads to become customers

Insider secrets to boost your earnings and accelerate your success rate

And much, much more besides...


Your low, ONE-OFF investment in the Net Profits Academy is completely zero risk for you because you're covered with the...

"30-Day No Quibble, No Questions, No Holds-Barred,
No B.S., Money Back Guarantee..."


We know this works. And all the people who’ve used this also know it works.

But you might be skeptical and that’s perfectly normal. We get that.

So you can come on board, apply the methods and judge for yourself.

You can have this cranking today.

But we’ll go even further than that and give you 30 days to try the whole thing out.

If, for whatever reason, you want to get your money back just let us know before the 30 days have passed and you’ll get a no quibble, no questions asked refund.

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I have a FULL 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and nobody is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

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Net Profits Academy with Tom Woods and Michael Cheney

All payments are received by Seniority.co.uk Limited - Michael Cheney's holding company and a portion of all the profits go to libertarian causes and charities supported by Tom Woods and Michael Cheney.


This is normally the part where the vendor tries to persuade you their product is the best thing since sliced bread and why you absolutely must buy it.

That's not our style.

You either "get it" or you don't.

Countless individuals have already set up their own successful online businesses thanks to our advice.

And when you get inside The Net Profits Academy and apply what you learn then you can too. (If you do the work, of course).

So if you don't think this is worth a few measly bucks then it's clearly not for you and that's fine.

We're not looking to force anyone to do anything here;

V is for Voluntary.

Either you get it, you apply what you learn and get success online or you don't.

The ball is in your court.

We look forward to helping you become one of our next success stories.


Tom Woods & Michael Cheney

P.S. You can unlock all the secrets to being successful online right now.

We will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to start an effective and ethical online business

This is a proven strategy that we have personally used in our own businesses.

Use your online business to create your own financial future, to protect your family or to change the world - it's up to you!

We don't tell you what to do with it - we just show you how to create it.

P.P.S. A portion of all the profits from the sale of The Net Profits Academy go to libertarian causes and charities supported by Tom Woods and Michael Cheney

Net Profits Academy with Tom Woods and Michael Cheney

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